the unperfect screen for lighting, experiments, visualisations and art.

It's time to dance and enlight!

Our screen balloop is ready to display GIFs, videos and photos in pixel art resolution - 1024 coffee cups are lined up, wired and waiting for content! After two years of work Sina Greinert, Timo Lundelius and Tom Friedel are ready to collaborate with visual artists. Drop a line, if you feel inspired and have ideas!

Balloop @ Atelier

Features & Specs

The balloop screen system is a modular build lighting system for low pixel art installations.

  • Music
  • +1024 LEDs
  • DMX / ArtNet
  • Visualisation
  • Processing / SPOUT
  • Mobile
  • Waterproof
  • Modular
  • +1024 Coffee Cups
  • 2.5 yrs dev-time

Over 1024 coffee cups / balloons are enlighted by 1024 LEDs. The controlling of the 16 Arduino microprocessors will be controlled by the DMX/ArtNet protocoll.

Impressions & Events

Some of our events & use cases of balloop.

VRHQ | Virtual Reality Headquarter Hamburg

Burning Bär 2018

In the middle of nowhere, ‘next’ to Berlin, we had our first run of balloop ever! With a lot of wonderful, lovely and open minded people!

Atelier Impressions | I.L.2k @ St.Pauli

We our Atelier I.L.2k @ Hamburg-St.Pauli

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